PetStem believes in the power of the body to heal itself. All it needs is a little push. That “push” comes in the form of Stem Cell Therapy.  By activating the stem cells within areas of the body damaged by age or injury, our Stem Cell Therapy unlocks the regenerative power within your pet’s body.

Why PetStem as opposed to another office?

  • Patient-centered Service.  Our priority is YOUR PET (e.g. minimal wait time, conscientious follow-up.)
  • Knowledge.  Years of experience in a developing industry.  Our experience comes from treating humans.
  • Innovation.  State-of-the-art technique. We are the only clinic in the Los Angeles area dedicated to stem cells.
  • Customization.  Treatment options designed specifically for your pet.
  • PetStem is the only dedicated stem cell clinic in the area, to our knowledge.

Take the first step toward renewed youthfulness for your pet.