Guess what, folks? Guess who’s doing much better now… I will try to post pics but my baby, Franky, went on a long hike and not only kept up the whole time but jumped in and out of the car much better than he has in a while.

I must say that the treatment of PetStem Cell Therapy has worked to increase his stamina, strength and energy levels. And more importantly, it seems to have controled and/or eliminated his pain. He’s not the Whiner-eimer he had been lately and is back to a happier, calmer and quieter (in general) pet/companion. For the record the place I took him to is right on Ventura Blvd and Eureka. They are just opening and in the midst of studies of which my Franky is a subject.

I will now resume his ‘flex’ supplements (Glucosamine & Chondroitin) that I held back in order to better gauge the treatment’s actual effects on him. I’m certain he will be even better now with supplements.

I’m just so grateful to the Dr., Karen Mulholland and Emily (the Vet tech), for helping my great Franky out of what seemed to be inevitable misery and agonizing pain. That means the world to us fellow sentient beings… and I can’t thank you enough.

Esai Morales, Los Angeles, CA

My two Lhasa Apso dogs, Lola and Dita, are mother and daughter.  They are inseparable and have always played together since Dita’s birth.  Lola is now 9-years old and in the last year or so, she has showed some limpness.  She climbs the steps two feet at a time, unlike Dita who still puts one foot in front of the other for a much faster climb.  Lola has also lost the will to play and it is affecting Dita.  Both dogs have low energy levels and seem unhappy.  After I tried PRP treatment, Lola became lively within days!  After two weeks, the dogs were playing like youngsters again.  Lola has retained her less efficient stair climbing style but you can see how much better she is doing from both her movements and Dita’s renewed energy around her.  Thank you for breathing youth back into both of my loved pets.

Erin Guzowski, Studio City, CA


PRP therapy has given our sweet, 9-year Pom (Boo boo) a new start on life. After her first treatment, she went from being an active dog to one who was in so much arthritic pain that she resisted even getting out of her bed or being taking outside for a walk. It took a few weeks to see results, but they were quite noticeable.  When the treatment began to work, my friends commented on the improvement of her mobility. She has since had two subsequent treatments and is enjoying a much greater quality of life because of them. For BooBoo, PRP therapy has provided a lot of bang for the relatively non-cost prohibitive price of the treatment.

Mia Zhao, Beverly Hills, CA


My Dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, and I was told he needed an operation. I didn’t want to put him through this, but I knew he needed me to do something for his pain, and I don’t like the medicine that eventually causes problems. I didn’t know what to do, then a Girlfriend told me about PetStem, and said they were doing clinical trials. I signed up for this, and now my baby boy is happy, and can walk without complications. Thank you so much for changing our lives.

Pauline Kroeger, Redondo Beach, CA

Pampy…is a 15 year old Tibetan Terrier I rescued in 2001.  She’s a plucky little gal with tons of spirit but finally arthritis has set in, in her left back knee. So recently a friend pointed me in the direction of Pet Stem. From start to finish it was a caring, positive, RESULTS driven experience. The staff and doctor are lovely (and super calm). The treatment took under an hour. The best part was one week later Pampy unexpectedly jumped up onto my bed, something she hasn’t done in about 2 years! My heart leaped when I observed this and it was the sign I had been looking for to indicate the treatment was taking effect and addressing what brought us into Pet Stem. Mission accomplished.

Stacy Cox, Hollywood Hills, CA