PetStem’s Vet Tech

Emily Taylor Goyette
PetStem Vet Technician

Emily Taylor Goyette was born in New York City. Growing up with a menagerie of various household pets, Emily was always attracted to animals. At the age of 4, Emily joined the Equine Training program at New York’s renown Claremont Riding Academy.This is where her passion for animals really took hold.

From that point in time on, Emily interned with various horse trainers, such as “Horse Whisperer” Monty Roberts and California jockey, Joe Vaca.

At the age of 13, Emily began volunteering at animal shelters & donating her time to a non-profit mounted drill team, Blue Shadows.

“The first horse I owned was a retired rodeo champion. I rescued her from being euthanized due to a bowed tendon. I’ll never forget the veterinarian who taught me how to take care of her injury. For 9 months I wrapped and rewrapped that leg. She healed beautifully and because of that experience I knew my purpose in life was to heal animals.”

By the time Emily reached the age of 15, she applied for a workers permit and became a Certified Veterinary Assistant through Ashworth College.

She began her veterinary technician career at VCA Desert in Palm Springs. She worked closely under a veterinarian who specialized in Acupuncture & orthopedics.

Today, Emily majors in Bio-Chemistry at Santa Monica College. She plans to apply to Vet School in the future and continue her studies applying her knowledge of stem cell therapy.