PetStem’s Creator

How PetStem Started - The Kujo Story
By Karen Mulholland Angelus

Since I was a little girl, I have always been an animal lover. Dogs and cats were always a part of my family.  As my bond with my beloved pets grew, I came to truly appreciate the beauty of their unconditional love and loyalty. In 1994, I had two beautiful and loving Dobermans, Roscoe and Rina. Rina’s life was prematurely taken after a long grueling battle with hip dysplasia. It wasn’t actually the hip dysplasia that ended her life, but rather the very commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory medication used to treat it. I was so deeply hurt from her passing and felt responsible for not knowing what the medication was doing to her system. If only I had known and been able to do more.

In March of 2005, I was given a little male Pomeranian bundle of joy – so human-like, a one of a kind dog that I named Kujo. Around the time he turned 7 years old, he started suffering from arthritis and was diagnosed with the same degenerative disease, hip dysplasia, which had affected Rina. Kujo was in pain most of the time.  He could not walk up or down stairs and as the disease progressed, he had difficulty moving at all. He was prescribed a different anti inflammatory than had previously been prescribed for my Doberman years earlier. Of course, I was very concerned about how the medication would react with his system and I came to discover that again, the new medication was making him ill. Kujo was not the same little boy. He was getting sick from the medication and appeared sad and listless. I stopped giving him the anti-inflammatory medication and focused on researching alternative treatments. That was the moment that changed my life and set me on the path of creating PetStem.

The PetStem Solution

One day I was at NuStem, a Stem Cell Therapy clinic in Beverly Hills, visiting a doctor friend of mine. I asked the doctor if we could take Kujo’s stem cells from his own blood draw and inject them back into his damaged area. We decided that it was worth trying based on the amazing things the medical field was doing with this breakthrough technology, as well as the personal testaments to its effectiveness on joint and tendon regeneration and repair. We did the stem cell therapy on Kujo and I prayed for a positive result.

A few days after Kujo received the stem cell procedure, it was as if a miracle happened. Kujo became noticeably happier and considerably more responsive. Later that evening, he actually climbed two stories of stairs to wake me up in my bedroom. This was the first time in over six months that he had even been on the stairs, much less attempted to climb them. It is impossible for me to put into words the excitement that came over me that night, not just because of the miraculous recovery of my beloved Pomeranian, but also in the realization that this treatment could benefit other animals and their owners. I knew I had to open a Pet Stem Cell Clinic.

PetStem is dedicated to Kujo who unfortunately later passed away from the damage caused by the anti inflammatory medication to his stomach. I was heartbroken knowing that his life, health and happiness could have been prolonged. Don’t make the same mistake I made by hoping and believing that prescribed medication is the cure. You might not know that damage is occurring until it is too late. PetStem can give your pet the safe and pure regenerative healing power of Stem Cells.

Kujo is PetStem, and because of him, it is with great pleasure and love that I introduce PetStem - stem cell therapy for animals.

--- Karen & Kujo