Blood Therapy

Enhanced Blood Therapy (PRP)


PRP is simple, quick and safe.  It is effective in reducing pain.  However, it also accelerates the body’s natural healing response thus addressing the cause of the problem.

PRP starts by drawing your pet’s own blood.  Blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells and platelet cells, all suspended in a liquid called plasma.  Platelets contain growth factors that can stimulate the growth of other cells.  This applies to stem cells therefore growth factors are the agents that help generate more stem cells, speeding up the healing process.  So the more platelets, the more growth factors and the faster the healing process.  Notably, PRP is often used in combination with surgery to speed up wound healing

From your pet’s blood, we isolate a high concentration of platelets called Platelet-Rich Plasma, thus the name PRP.  This solution is then injected in the problematic area.  For hard to reach places or wide-reaching conditions, it can even be injected intravenously, and is thought to still reach the troubled area.  PRP turbo-charges the healing process by accelerating the multiplication of the stem cells coming to the rescue.

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